Tuesday, October 5, 2010

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Birthday Party Invitation and Decorations

After creating the menu for a party, I always move on to the invitation.  Invitations are important to me because they set the tone of the party for the guests.  I took the Interplanetary Passport idea from the E.T. Adventure ride at Universal Studios and made an invitation out of it.  I also decided that we would watch the movie outside on a movie theater style screen.  I decided to “name” the party “E.T. Movie Adventure”—for some reason, I always need a name.  Since the party was in early October, I knew there was a good possibility that it would be chilly, so I asked guests to B.Y.O.Blanket.  I created 3 cupcake toppers and food place cards (although it was too windy to use the place cards).  For the “interplanetary yummy” topper, I used a skinny wooden stick that I frosted and attached Reese’s Pieces to—I noticed all the guests eating the candies off the stick, glad I didn’t use glue—huh?  I used plain white bags, which I cut the tops off, for popcorn bags.  I added a strip of scrap book paper and a popcorn label to make them look nicer than just plain white lunch sacks.  I also cut strips of scrapbook paper and used them to wrap around the water bottles—so simple but it makes a huge difference!  I knew I wanted the kids to have a party favor that they could “remember” the party by—so in addition to the light up glow sticks (from Costco which were a huge hit and rather ‘80’s don’t you think?), a box of Reese’s Pieces, a candy glow stick, E.T. coloring pages, I gave them their own personalized Interplanetary passport to wear at the party.  The parents loved this and I know I will be putting mine away for a keepsake.

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